Doctor Who “The War Games Part 3”

OK, so, somehow the Doctor and his companions drove an ambulance from the first World War to the Roman Empire.

Can he get out of it?

Yeah.  Easily.  They can drive the ambulance back the way they came and get back to 1917 easily enough.  But somehow, the Doctor just knows it isn’t really 1917 and it wasn’t really Roman times either.  But you know what you need when stuck in such a situation?  A map!

And who has a map?

General Smythe!

And the Doctor knows where his office is!

So, the Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, Lady Jennifer, and Lt. Carstairs go back to the General’s office, tie up the officer monitoring the door, and go inside to find the General is…nowhere to be seen.  How odd.  All his maps aren’t quite big enough, but the Doctor figures the safe probably has a bigger map, and he has a hand grenade he can use to blow the lock.  While Carstairs stays outside to keep an eye on things, the Doctor and Jamie manage to blow the lock and find maps that show…a whole lot different zones.  There’s even one for the American Civil War.

Are we going to get more bad American accents by English actors?  Maybe, but not this episode!

And so, our heroes head out…only to be captured by the Germans, and under interrogation from a German officer asking the hardest question ever (“What is your name?”), the Doctor opts to tell the truth, and even gets Zoe and Jamie to do the same.  His evidence:  the sonic screwdriver on the German’s pistol removes and returns a screw.  But then the German’s commanding officer comes in and uses…a mind control monocle.


Well, the Doctor offers to show off the screwdriver again, only this time he keeps the pistol, allowing him and his friends to make a run for it.

But then a weird thing happens:  we see the black zone in the center of the map, the place the Doctor is going for, and it’s a high tech control center (or a 1960s concept of such a thing), and both General Smythe and the German general go there to plot more attacks for the boss.  Why?  I don’t know yet, but that sure is weird.  The generals are in on…something.

But back in the outside zone, Carstairs stays behind to provide cover so the others can escape in the ambulance.

And then sometime after they get to the Civil War zone (complete with sniper fire!), the ambulance runs out of gas, forcing the Doctor, his companions, and Lady Jennifer to continue on on foot.

And as soon as they got to the center, well, they spotted a weird door open up in thin air.  Everyone hid just as a bunch of Civil War era soldiers came out and marched off.  In the confusion, the Doctor and Zoe poked their noses inside to look around, but Jamie went to check on Lady Jennifer, who was naturally a little upset over what was happening, and then the door vanished before Jamie and Jennifer could go inside, cutting those two off from the other two.

This could be a bad thing.


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