Titans “Origins”

This episode has a lot of flashbacks to Dick’s childhood and initial adoption by Bruce Wayne.  Bruce only appears as a silent figure either way in the background or from behind.  He has no lines, and while we see the interior of Stately Wayne Manor, there’s no sign of Alfred either.  Heck, when Dick swipes a car and leads the police on a chase and appears to be outrunning them, I was hoping we’d see the Batmobile show up, but no dice.  I’m sure there’s a good reason why Bruce has no lines or anything on this show, and I’d bet that reason is “Gotham is still on the air.”

I’m actually not sure that is a good reason.

But getting back to the main action, let’s look at Kori, so far a much more interesting person than Dick.  The two meet this episode, and the unimpressed Kori says “Dick” in just the right way to suggest she’s using his first name by its alternate meaning.

But somehow before that happened, Kori managed to find Rachel.  She’d managed to get to Rachel’s house thanks to the clues she found from the pilot episode, and then she somehow found Rachel and the Nuclear Family at a roadside gas station in the middle of nowhere.

How did Kori find them there?  I don’t know.  How did the Nuclear Family find Dick at Hawk and Dove’s place?

By the by, Dove is still alive.  Comatose, but alive.

As it is, Rachel is using a bathroom, Nuclear Dad is standing outside, and Kori shows up asking to have Rachel.  Nuclear Dad disagrees.  Kori vaporizes him.  The rest of the family and the station attendant that doesn’t seem to exist miss all this.

Kori also vaporized half the bathroom’s exterior walls.  And she beat up some cops at Rachel’s.  That sort of thing allows Dick to follow using his police contacts and some Wayne Enterprises tech the cops don’t have.  And that means he finds them not long after Kori beats up some guys who try to throw their weight around at a local diner.  And for what it is worth, Kori and Rachel seem to be getting along.  Kori doesn’t remember anything about her life prior to waking up in the pilot, and any hopes that Rachel might know are quickly dashed, but Kori did find some evidence that Rachel was at a certain convent as a baby, so everyone goes there and yeah, Kori had been there a year earlier, but she still doesn’t remember anything.  She also got a source for a locker key she found at a local roller rink.  That locker has…another key inside, this one to a storage locker somewhere else.

Yes, Kori is as frustrated by that as she should be.

Now, Rachel seems to like the nuns, and Dick did promise Hawk he’d get the people who hurt Dove (yeah, the Nuclear Family have a boss who isn’t happy, but he seems to know who Kori is as well, though Rachel is still more interesting so he’s giving them another chance with a new Nuclear Dad), and heck, Rachel even briefly hits it off with a boy at the rink named Gar with green hair.

But then she goes back to the nuns.  And Kori goes to her locker, Dick follows, and what they find in there suggests Kori has been looking for Rachel for years with words written in an alien alphabet that Kori can sort of read, in that she can say the words but has no idea what they mean.  About all they can figure out is Rachel, symbolically connected to a “raven,” might lead to the end of the world.

And the nuns of course know that and try to lock her up for everyone’s own good.  And that would be when Rachel’s dark side takes over, causing a massive fire in the convent and allowing Rachel to run free though I am sure not so free that all kinds of people won’t somehow know where she is.

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