Gabbing Geek Manga Review: My Hero Academia Volume 3

My Hero Academia is the story of a young man who managed to impress the world’s mightiest hero, enough to inherit the hero’s powers and learn said hero’s greatest secret.

Will Midoriya figure out how to use these powers without hurting himself?

Volume 2 ended with an attack by a large group of villains on the school, but good news came in the form of the greatest hero on the planet, and newest teacher at the Hero Academy, All Might.  What most of the students don’t know is that All Might can’t access his powers like he used to for very long.  Midoriya knows that, but he hasn’t found a way to use the powers effectively himself yet.  And it seems the villains have an idea that All Might is losing his strength, leading to the possibility that it may very well be possible to kill the Symbol for Peace.

However, My Hero Academia volumes tend to split storylines, so this volume finishes off this initial villain skirmish and then goes on to the next one, and in this case, it’s a sports expo where the various different classes in U.A. compete for glory.  It seems not every student at the school is in hero training, and All Might believes Midoriya needs to finally show what he can do to impress the world as the bad guys are plotting as a show of strength.  Midoriya knows this is important, but he still can’t control the powers he’s been given.  What can he do?

Creator Kohei Horikoshi has a good thing going here.  His “quirks” are often creative and fun, his characters creatively designed.  He also makes full use of Midoriya, a character who may become the mightiest hero on the planet, but first needs to figure out to use his powers without killing himself.  That means often finding creative ways around obstacles and opponents by using his brains instead of any superpowers.  Yes, there are a number of his classmates who seem more like villains themselves as they act cocky and tough, proclaiming their own superiority over others just because they can, but Midoriya isn’t like that, and that’s why All Might gave the lad his powers.  This is a fun one.  9 out of 10 frog girls.


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