YouTube Selection: Renegade Cut Looks Into The DCEU

YouTube channel Renegade Cut often does a look into the philosophical and political implications of various movies.

But then the channel opted to do a four part, really in-depth look into the DCEU, tribalism, and fan culture.

Renegade Cut’s whole documentary was set up to discuss the different movies of the DCEU, why most of these movies don’t work very well (the work was apparently completed before the main writer and narrator could to get see Aquaman), and how die-hard DC fans refuse to believe it.  Now, the four individual videos are all rather long, running about 45-50 minutes each, so if you are going to check these out, make yourself comfortable.

Anyway, here we go.  Here’s Man of Steel:


Suicide Squad:

And Wonder Woman and Justice League:

Yeah, don’t ask Renegade Cut about the Snydercut.


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