The Haunting Of Hill House “Eulogy”

Ok, so this one is the Hugh episode.

And we get some answers.  Who has Hugh been talking to when he seems to be talking to himself?  Olivia.  Is it really her?  I’m not sure.  Hugh discusses seeing people later in a chat with Luke as a normal coping mechanism, but would Hugh actually seeing his dead wife be anywhere out of the ordinary for this show?  As it is, Olivia seems to offer Hugh good advice.  He only really has problems dealing with his adult children when he doesn’t follow what she suggests.  About the only one of his kids he seems to connect to at all is Theo, AKA the one who holds everyone at arm’s length because of the whole psychic touch stuff.

But we have some more answers and more mysteries.  In a flashback, we see Hugh sitting in a police station.  The cop he’s dealing with seems inclined to believe Olivia was a suicide, but Hugh isn’t answering all the questions, most notably why he waited three hours to call the cops.  A bit further back, we see there was a black mold problem in the house.  Hugh decided to take care of it himself with Steve as back-up, and sometimes a little help from Mr. Dudley the caretaker.  There seems to be some rats crawling behind the wall Hugh’s treating, and the source of the water may be the Red Room Hugh can’t get into.  The rat poison he bought doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and when Hugh finally does pry open the bricks, there’s a body back there.  It’s old.  Probably the original owner of the house, a man who just disappeared one day.  And he has a familiar-looking cane…did that guy have a thing for bowler hats?

And Mr. Dudley tells Hugh something important, namely why he and his wife don’t stay at the house after dark.  It seems they had a stillborn baby, and when they stayed in the house late, Mrs. Dudley acted weird, Mr. Dudley had nightmares, and there were the sounds of a dead newborn crying.  Those problems stopped when the Dudleys stopped staying at the house late.  Mr. Dudley thinks Olivia needs to get out of the house.  Considering Hugh woke up to find her holding a knife to his throat while in a weird fugue state, Mr. Dudley may be onto something.

In the present, it’s Nell’s funeral, and it’s hard on the entire family and not just because Nell is dead.  Shirley is kicking Theo out of the guest house.  She won’t ride in either limo to the cemetery because her husband is in one and Theo is in the other and Steven assumes it’s his fault.  She rides with Hugh.  It doesn’t work out there either.

And then the creepy stuff starts to happen.  Luke sees Bent-Neck Nell floating above her grave.  She tells him to get away.  Then he sees his mother’s ghost in the grave telling him to stay.

Luke responds by stealing Shirley’s credit card and Theo’s car.

And then Hugh and Theo see Olivia’s ghost again in Shirley’s office.

Dead Olivia doesn’t seem all that friendly.

Oh, and what was Hugh doing the night Olivia died, the thing that kept him from calling the cops for three hours?  I don’t know.

But he did go into the Red Room to do it.

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