Doctor Who “The Seeds Of Death Part 2”

Well, Ice Warriors are controlling the moon.  Do you suppose the Doctor ever wonders why the TARDIS never drops him off somewhere quiet?

So, on the moon, there are a few Ice Warriors and three human technicians.  One died after getting off a partial warning to Earth when the Ice Warriors caught him.  One ran away and successfully hid in a room full of solar-powered equipment.  And the last is a coward who will do anything to save his own skin.  That guy will probably die before the serial is over.  That’s how these things work.  So, he’ll help the Ice Warriors repair the T-Mat to stay alive.

Anyway, back on Earth, the T-Mat people and the rocket scientist are arguing because, you know, someone needs to go up there and check on the moon.  And while the scientist will give over his one good rocket, it still needs a crew.  Maybe a three-person crew.  The Doctor says he’ll go, seeing as how the TARDIS would overshoot the moon by a million years or so.  Literally.  As it is, even Miss Kelly has to admit that the Doctor and Zoe seem to know more about space travel than anyone else hanging around.  Plus, Zoe has a photographic memory, so you only need to tell her things once.

As for Jamie, well, no one is quite sure why he should go aside from the fact he refuses to stay behind.

Then again, they never seemed to ask the Doctor for a name.  But what the hell?  Let the three of them crew the rocket, hope Jamie doesn’t get too bothered by G-forces, and finally the rocket breaks down a few times en route to the moon, but everything seems to be OK so long as the solar-powered beacon that will guide the rocket down safely to the lunar base stays on.

But hey, remember that one guy got loose?  Well, he used the equipment there to build some stuff.  One of those things is a radio to call for help, but no one seems to be answering.  Considering Cowardly Guy got enough of the T-Mat fixed to let Miss Kelly and some repairmen come up, exactly according to the Ice Warriors’ plans, that’s a good thing.  But the head Warrior, whose name apparently is Slaar, sends a guy off to find and kill the missing tech.  But the missing tech didn’t just build a radio.  He also built a heat ray that vaporizes the Ice Warrior who wanders into the spare parts room.  But to do that, he had to unplug and then plug in some other equipment.

And that turned off the rocket’s homing beacon, so the rocket with the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe onboard will either crash or fly off into the void of space if they don’t fix that when the next episode starts.  That could be a problem.  They only have enough supplies for three days…


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