Orphan Black “The Antisocialism of Sex”

Well, following the bad times of the last episode, it’s time for the clones to react to bad news.  Let’s see how they do…

Rachel:  Rachel is let out of her room and learns she’s in the house of one Dr. Westmorland, the man who found Neolution over a century earlier.  Susan is down because she’s being forced out of the company, and a conference call with Evie shows Rachel won’t be allowed in either.  Evie plans to give up Project Leda to save money for her own genetic experiments, allowing the ignorant clones to go their own way, but take out the self-aware ones we’ve been following on this show since episode one.

Sarah:  Sarah and S have a bad argument, so Sarah goes out to party like she used to.  S also disowned Sarah and won’t let Kira go with Sarah because, you know, the whole death of Kendell thing is really hitting S hard.  Sarah sees Beth at times and manages to make her way down to where Beth killed herself.  Will she follow suit?

Art:  Art is not a clone, but he got enough information to realize Duko is bad, so he beats Duko up.  Then he finds out he’s next on Neolution’s hit list.

Cosima:  Cosima is in a really dark place, having lost all her research and watched Kendell die.  Scott tries to cheer her up when they realize they do have one of those cheek implant things.  As it is, Cosima decides to give herself the implant as it will either cure her or kill her and provide more potential data.  Can anyone stop her or Sarah?

Felix:  Yes!  Felix!  Kira senses Sarah is going somewhere really dark, so S calls Felix.  Scott also calls Felix.  He manages to save both clones from bad decisions by finding Sarah before she jumped off a bridge and giving Cosima some valuable information.  What information?  Krystal saw Delphine getting shot, true, but she also saw Delphine get taken away by a mystery man, and Delphine was still alive.

Alison:  Alison mostly decided to push on like everything was normal and that meant a sleepover birthday party for her daughter.  And we find something else Donnie is good at:  telling ghost stories to children.

But then cops burst in and arrest Donnie for drug trafficking.  Who led them and gave a calling card to Alison?


This won’t go well for somebody.

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