Doctor Who “The Krotons Part 3”

So, the Krotons, crystalline aliens that get power for their technology by draining the mental energy of smart people, have captured Jamie!

It’s a good thing for Jamie he isn’t very bright.

Does that sound harsh?  Well, that’s what the Krotons say.  They opt to keep him alive for information, but that’s about all.

And Jamie does tell the Krotons where Zoe and the Doctor are going.  They’re going for the TARDIS.  Are they fleeing?  The Krotons seem to think so, but Jamie doubts it.  And he’s right.  The Doctor isn’t fleeing.  He and Zoe are getting some things from the TARDIS.

But then the Krotons split up.  One grabs a weapon of some kind and follows Zoe and the Doctor.  The other continues to monitor everything going on from the big machine while guarding Jamie.

Now, fortunately, Zoe and the Doctor manage to escape the Kroton, and that dummy tries to vaporize the TARDIS.  Fortunately, the TARDIS has systems that will temporarily knock it out of space-time when it is under attack and unoccupied only to return when the attack is over.  Plus, Jamie tries to use another of the Kroton’s weapons on his guard, and though it doesn’t work, it does distract the one that stayed behind in a way that helped the Doctor and Zoe to escape back into the Gond compound.

OK, so, that means good news, right?  The Gond are helpful, right?  Er…

See, some of them are looking to attack the Krotons under the reasoning that they’re smarter now.  But their really smart people listened to the Doctor and know that whatever they know is stuff the Krotons allowed them to know, and the Krotons wouldn’t give the Gond truly dangerous information.  That would be like Superman giving Lex Luthor the formula for kryptonite.  That just doesn’t happen.  But the hotheads don’t listen and opt to attack the Krotons’ machine anyway.

Part of that attack deals with burrowing under the machine and trying to bring it down that way.  That would be about when the Doctor comes in to tell them they’re all idiots, but the ceiling starts to collapse and bury the Doctor.

You know, I think I see why the Krotons didn’t get that much mental energy from the Gond right about now…


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