Doctor Who “The Krotons Part 2”

OK, so, what happens when people who don’t know they are slaves find out they are slaves?

That’s a good question, and it is something that will have to come up now that the Gond know the Krotons aren’t really the nice benefactors that they seem to be.  You know, when an alien race is providing all your education and knows who your smart people are and takes to killing them fairly often, well, yeah, that’s basically slavery.

Now, the Doctor did save the life of the latest female victim, Vana, but she seems to be in a coma.  He has some pills to give her and leaves Jamie behind to care for her while he and Zoe go off with some Gond to see what they can learn about the Krotons.  At one point, that requires the Doctor to check out what looks like the basement nobody uses, and as such he leaves Zoe alone with the learning machines.

Why does he always leave Zoe alone with computers?  She never stays put.  She always gets bored.  And she always does…something that gets her into trouble.  In this case, she tries out the learning machines and gets the highest score ever.

And when the Doctor comes back, the Krotons are asking for Zoe.

The only thing to do is for the Doctor to try the machines himself and go with her.

Now, the Doctor did note that Gond are only really knowledgable in some areas.  Technology?  Sure.  Chemistry?  Nope!

As such, both he and Zoe manage to get the highest scores ever and enter the machine.

That would be about when Jamie shows up and sees his friends are gone and demands to follow them.

Now, what happens inside the machine?  Well, some kind of light comes out and temporarily knocks out Zoe and the Doctor.  When they wake up, they see what looks like one of those wave things that sit on people’s office desks as a weird knickknack, and Zoe figures the Krotons use mental energy from smart people to power their machines.  And since the Doctor and Zoe are much, much smarter than any Gond, well, that means two Krotons shows up in the form of two robots with what look like crystals for heads.

Well, these things may be Doctor Who robot things which automatically makes them slow and clumsy, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems, so Zoe and the Doctor make a run for it and even avoid the disintegrator outside.  The Doctor has a new plan now.

But then Jamie gets into the room where the Krotons are, and the mental light thing easily subdues him…


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