Orphan Black “The Scandal Of Altruism”

Well…that was unexpected.

I don’t mean the flashback where we see Beth confront and nearly murder Susan.  Susan is still around, we saw a distraught Beth coming back from this failed assassination attempt.  She did come back with blood on her hands.  But now we know whose blood and why.

See, it’s Evie’s blood.

Evie took over Neolution.  Beth figured this out before she killed Susan and did beat up Evie a bit before leaving dejected, only to commit suicide later that night.

And as far as Project Leda goes, she doesn’t care.

See, Sarah and Cosima figure the one way to cure Cosima is to give Susan some of Kendell’s DNA, but make sure it’s just the Leda stuff because the Castor stuff only makes living WMDs.  Ira doesn’t like that, so when Kendell is kidnapped, he’s a prime suspect.  This is baffling to Susan, but not to Sarah who destroys the DNA sample.

But Susan ain’t in charge anymore.  Evie is.  She took Kendell with her lacky Detective Duko, and while Cosima gets a chance to say goodbye, the next move is to assassinate Kendell and burn her corpse…and this comes after Evie’s somehow wiped all of Cosima’s data.

Have these people met Mrs. S?  They are going to regret that.

Oh, and Cosima is devastated to learn Evie had Delphine killed at the end of season three.

Or did she…?

See, Art found Krystal at the police station trying to report what happened to her and called in Felix to figure out what Krystal knew and trick her into going somewhere safer.  And after macing Felix in a mild panic, she does left slip she saw Delphine get shot…

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