Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 8”

The last episode of this serial features several references to a bomb the Cybermen have called the “megatron bomb” that can kill all life on Earth.

Sadly, this is not the long-awaited Doctor Who/Transformers crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

Yes, Vaughn finally sees the Cybermen don’t value him at all, and he’s so full of himself, believing that the world is too chaotic and needs a strong guiding hand (namely his) to take care of it, that he does the only reasonable thing and grabs Professor Watkins’ weapon and turns it on the Cybermen…’s computer that a voice comes out of, screaming how he’ll kill them all.  Why not?  The Cybermen don’t see the harm in killing even their own  people on the planet.  Taking out some guy who’s like an Evil Steve Jobs (well, maybe evil-er) isn’t much.

Does he believe zapping a computer and making it explode will somehow kill all the Cybermen?  Beats me.  That isn’t very smart if he does.

But the Cybermen are overrunning his facility, and that means he and the Doctor need to work together to stop the Cybermen.  Will Vaughn do it to save lives and out of love for humanity like the Doctor would?  Hell no!  He’ll do it because he hates the Cybermen, and he does have the only effective weapon we’ve seen so far.

Meanwhile, the Brigadier learns his people got to Russia, the Russians are willing to help take down the Cybermen (take that, Cold War!), and it may be time to lead an assault on Vaughn’s facility to help the Doctor out.  He’ll even let Isobel and Zoe comes along because they asked him very nicely and then Isobel can take pictures.  Considering Zoe is back in her jumpsuit and I think I saw an extra checking out her butt in the last episode, I think I know the real reason she’s going.

But hey, UNIT has hand grenades and a bazooka, both of which prove effective at defeating Cybermen.  So does Vaughn’s machine, except that seems to work better on one at a time scenarios, so when Vaughn finally gets to the right building and gets attacked by three of them, well, let’s just say Vaughn dies as he should before taking down the third and it’s a good thing the Brigadier brought a guy with a bazooka.  So, yeah, the human race can wake up now, and Isobel gets plenty of pictures of the Doctor, who does stop to pose for them.

Ah, but what about the bomb and the Russian missile?  Well, the Cybermen had to get closer to drop their bomb, something UNIT manages to destroy with a missile of its own, and then the Russian missile takes out the Cybermen’s ship.  Problem solved from the looks of things.

Yes, they are solved.  Heck, Isobel gets a job out of it because apparently the existence of the Cybermen will not be some sort of state secret.  As such, the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe go back to the field, find the invisible TARDIS, and zap away to wherever the next serial is.

We’ve only got three more Second Doctor serials left.  Best to enjoy them while we can.


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