American Horror Story “The Axeman Cometh”

So, somehow, American Horror Story continues to find actors to give fairly good performances to fairly campy material.  This time around, it’s Danny Huston as the Axeman, a early 20th century serial killer who was fond of jazz and killing women with axes.  He’s the right kind of smooth and creepy.

He’s also playing a real guy.

Yes, the Axeman went around killing women with axes and wrote a letter saying he would allow anyone playing jazz to live.  It seems that back in 1919, the witches that then called that school home were fed up with that and decided to set a trap.  The Axeman showed up, and they all stabbed him to death.  That should be the end, but this is a show where a minotaur-man got his head sliced off and might have still been alive, so you know it isn’t that simple.

And it isn’t.  Zoe notes there should be a lot more witches in the house than herself, Nan, and Queenie, so the thing to do is find Madison.

By the way, there’s a good reason there aren’t more witches.  Hank’s big secret is he works as a witch-hunter and Marie Laveau hired him to take out whoever showed up.  That redhead he was screwing and then murdered was briefly a prospective student for the school.  Laveau is really mad that, among other things, Hank is taking too long and Fiona dug up Delphine LaLaurie.

Ah, but back to the main plot for the episode.  The girls consult a Ouija board, and a spirit comes by to tell them he can point to where Madison is.  Who’s ghost is it?  The Axeman.  He’s trapped in the house.  Zoe decides to give the ghost a little bit of freedom and finds Madison’s corpse in Spalding’s room.  And then with Nan mindreading and Queenie providing the torture, they try to find out who killed Madison.  As it is, Spalding is too loyal to Fiona even by now, but the girls decide not to believe him and Zoe goes to fetch Misty.  Misty is having problems with Kyle and insists Zoe take him away before going with her to revive Madison.  That plan actually works despite the fact Madison had to have an arm reattached.

It also let the Axeman loose in Cordelia’s room.  To rescue her, they have to give the Axeman even more power, allowing him to walk out the front gate, go to a bar, and offer to buy a woman a drink.

That woman is Fiona.

The Axeman really hates witches.

Of course, Fiona also decided that chemotherapy wasn’t working when she suddenly developed mind-reading.  She knows she’s dying.  She also told one worried older woman that she will live to see her daughter’s wedding.  That was nice.

Remind me again who the evil witch in this series is?


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