Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 7”

Oh man, the Cybermen are attacking!  Again.

Wait, those guys never win.  Let’s see what brings them down this time.  Or not.  There’s one more episode after this one.

Yes, we have problems.  The Doctor fell unconscious when his depolarizer disc slipped off, but they got him a new one and he’s awake.  That means he’s OK, as well as his friends and allies in the UNIT safehouse he’s been working in, as are the Brigadier and a lot of UNIT folks at their HQ.  Also, Vaughn and his people, but that goes without saying.  Otherwise, the entire planet is unconscious.

Vaughn, meanwhile, decides he needs Professor Watkins back to get more of his special weapons finished in order to betray the Cybermen.  That means sending out a security detail to bring Watkins back.

Fortunately, the Brigadier got someone to the house first, despite the fact the streets of London are supposedly swarming with Cybermen.  But lots of Cybermen in the streets costs money, and Doctor Who was always a low budget show.

As it is, the Brigadier also sends a helicopter to pick everyone up just as Vaughn’s people get there.  Both Watkins and Jamie are wounded, but we’re told they’ll be fine.  And from UNIT headquarters, the Doctor and the Brigadier devise a new plan.

See, the Doctor is going to go see Vaughn with a radio on his person, knowing he can get some intelligence to UNIT by just getting Vaughn to talk.

And the Brigadier, knowing the Doctor and his companions were shot at around the moon, knows the Russians were launching something to take a look.  If he can get his people to Russia, switch out the cosmonauts for a warhead, and launch the rocket, he can take out the Cybermen’s control ship and wake everybody up.  He just needs about two hours or so to do that.

The Doctor is also going to buy him some time.

See, Vaughn managed to get the Cybermen to agree to give him control of the invading forces, and since UNIT is the only real opposition, that means sending an attack fleet to UNIT HQ.  They do have some anti-missile missiles there, but not enough to stop all of the Cybermen’s ships.

That is until Zoe does some quick math since she’s really good at that and knows a thing or two about chain reactions.

That actually causes the Cybermen to take control back from Vaughn in order to raze all life on the planet.

Yeah, the Doctor sees a problem with that seeing as how Vaughn probably didn’t want to rule a dead planet.

Man, bad guys on this show are always the right combination of arrogant and stupid.


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