Watson Reviews: Escape Room (Spoiler Free)

My first movie of a new year is always a little bitter sweet. A new list to fill, but it is entirely blank

You have to struggle early to find new movies to add to the watch list, but oddly weekend 1 had a film that caught my eye. Could early January deliver?


A group of strangers all receive a mysterious puzzle that, when solved, invites them to participate in an elite Escape Room.

When the strangers all arrive, they suddenly discover that the stakes are real and the rooms have a personal touch.


  • The intense scenario worked. For much of the film my heart was racing and my palms were sweating. The film really had nice intensity and the PG-13 ratings didn’t hurt it either; which I was honestly prepared to rip. The opener, was really intense and strong too. Good choice to start with some action.
  • Some of the cast really shines. It is always great to see Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil) and she was solid here. Nik Dodani (Atypical) was also nice in a comic role as the nerd who digs Escape Rooms. But it was Jay Ellis (The Game) who really showed great screen presence. His character Jason was really fun to watch. All the characters were fairly typical horror tropes so it was up to the actors to deliver something. I wasn’t terribly impressed with poster girl Taylor Russell (Lost In Space). She was fine but not one of the stronger members of the cast.
  • Such a great premise. I like Escape Rooms, so it was fun to see the process play out as a death trap horror film.


  • It didn’t fully stick the landing. It wasn’t bad, but I thought they’d take us somewhere better. The need to set up a franchise interfered with THIS movie.
  • The bickering drama seemed forced.  The plot and horror was good but the script was mediocre. The dialogue and the interpersonal conflict between the characters, which could have made the film more memorable, was lacking.
  • I was a little bored with the puzzles after a few rooms. The first couple were awesome. The latter few were kinda meh. I am not sure if they blew their wad early or I just got bored.


As a Ryan says, it is the best movie I saw all year! For a January movie, this was good. For a FIRST WEEKEND in January movie, this was a lot of fun.

Overall, I give Escape Room a score of 7.5 “Sex With Adult Women” out of 10.

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