The Haunting Of Hill House “The Bent-Neck Lady”

Oh man….that was twisted…

So, let’s look at the Secret Origin Of Nell Crain.  We’ve looked into all of her siblings.  She died in the pilot, a suspected suicide, though Luke says that isn’t what happened.  As such, let’s take a step back and see how she ended up dead.

Nell had problems in Hill House from the beginning.  Olivia found Nell’s name written on the walls and accused the young girl.  She denied it.  Olivia also promised to give Nell a locket at some point in the future.  But Nell has problems with the Bent-Neck Lady.

See, Nell spent her whole life being haunted by a ghost she called the Bent-Neck Lady.  Did the others see her?  It doesn’t look like it.  Every night she’d go to bed and see this woman floating over her, and the woman’s neck was bent at a weird angle.

And heck, this ghost followed Nell around even after the Crains left Hill House.  As an adult, she went to see a sleep technician named Arthur, and the two hit it off well enough that they ended up getting married (the wedding we saw before when Shirley wouldn’t let Luke in, and we see Nell did wonder where Luke was).  And Arthur is a good husband who helps Nell take her medicine and work through her occasional night terrors.

Until one night when Nell was frozen in fear and Arthur died of a sudden brain aneurysm.  Oh, and the Bent-Neck Lady was there.

From there, we see Nell interacting with her siblings.  Luke gets her to buy drugs and she still sees the Bent-Neck Lady.  Theo says there was no sign of Arthur at the place where he died.  Nell argued with her.  Steven gives a book reading and Nell shows up to tell him off in public.  They argue.  Everyone, including her doctor, ask her if she’s taking her meds.  She isn’t.

Oh, and the doctor says she should go check on Hill House to prove nothing happened there.

Now we get to Nell’s trip and how she called most of her siblings during the trip, finally getting through to her father Hugh.  She’s at the house by then.  And when she goes in…she sees her family.  Sometimes younger, sometimes older, though Olivia is obviously always the same age since she died, ya know?

And it looks nice in there.  Nell even sees Arthur, and the two dance through what she thinks is a well-lit house but is instead a hellhole of neglect.  And hey, it sees Olivia’s ghost wrote that “Welcome home, Nell” message…in the future.  Or the present and the message appeared in the past.

Point is, Nell dances upstairs where Olivia gives her that locket.  And then Nell realizes the locket is a noose.  And Nell is standing on the wrong side of a landing.  And then Olivia…pushes Nell off the balcony to die.

Oh, and the Bent-Neck Lady Nell kept seeing?

She was the Bent-Neck Lady!

Nell has been seeing her own death for much of her life!

Well, Luke was right if nothing else.


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