Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 6”

Well, Jamie, Zoe, and Isobel are surrounded by Cybermen in the sewers.  Considering two of them are regular characters, how are they going to get out of there?

Well, first the crazy Cyberman will attack the other two sane ones, if any Cyberman can be considered sane, and then some UNIT guys led by one Captain Turner show up and toss some hand grenades which manage to take out, well, two of the three.  That’s pretty good for human weapons against any Doctor Who villain, frankly.

So, yeah, they all get away and Isobel gets her photos.  Too bad they’re blurry.  Sure, the Brigadier believes they’re real, but they aren’t clear enough that anyone who hasn’t always already known Cybermen are real is likely to believe they’re real.

Meanwhile, Professor Watkins has finishes his anti-Cybermen weapon, but Vaughn, well, he decides to test it.  On Professor Watkins.  And it almost kills the guy.  Now, Watkins lives, the only other guy who can repair the weapon is too scared of Vaughn to stand up to him, and that would be that except the Doctor knows the layout of Vaughn’s buildings so UNIT can rescue the Professor too.  Why not take out Vaughn?  Well, Watkins tried.  Turns out Vaughn is a wee bit bulletproof.

However, with Watkins free and the Doctor finding suspicious parts in all the IE technology he found, it’s clear that something is up with both the company and the invaders.  As such, the Doctor realizes the plan is to use a Cyberman mind whammy thing to knock out, oh, everybody and take over the planet.  Vaughn himself plans to then knock out the Cybermen with an emotion weapon to make them feel things.

How horrible.

Fortunately, the Doctor knows how to make an anti-mind whammy device that he can affix to the back of the necks and keep himself, his companions, friends, and UNIT personnel awake and alert.

It’s a good thing too.  The Cybermen’s ship shows up, stunning random people all over London while Cybermen pour from the sewers.  The Doctor worked fast enough, just in time.

Too bad the Doctor’s own protective disk slipped and he also fell unconscious…


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    1. I’ve been watching these, pretty much for the first time, off the Britbox streaming service and haven’t gotten to the Third Doctor yet. So, I can’t really answer that question right now.

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