Merlin “The Witch’s Quickening”

I’m starting to think people on this show aren’t very bright.

So, here’s the deal:  there’a rebel guy out there who wants to overthrow Uther, and he managed to convince young Mordred to help.  How?  Mordred can get Morgana to steal a valuable crystal from Camelot that can possibly be used to overthrow Uther.  In the right hands, it can show the future.

Now, on the one hand, this whole thing seems to be setting up Morgana to take her place as the villain of the Arthurian stories, and that’s great.  Morgana spent most of Series Two looking grim, dropping a line here or there, and not much else.  What good is she if she does nothing?  And heck, not only can see steal the crystal and bring it to this Alvar person, but Alvar can seduce her and make her…a weak-willed woman who fell for some two-faced jackass who already has a girlfriend.

Point is, the crystal is gone, and Gaius thinks it might be powerful.  Merlin does consult the increasingly impatient Great Cartoon Dragon, and the Dragon scoffs at the idea that Morgana could use the crystal.  She isn’t powerful enough.  But Mordred?  Oh yeah, that kid could.

Still, everyone seems to know Morgana is involved that isn’t Uther, and Merlin makes up a story on how to find Alvar, something that works, but the story is told with Morgana in the room.

And then she goes to warn Alvar, setting a trap for Arthur and his knights.  Merlin is being used to find the rebel camp, and he does know how to get there but has to hide how he knew, but they still arrive and Merlin even attempts to trip up young Mordred during the fight.  It doesn’t quite work and Merlin just made a new enemy.

Still, if Merlin knows Morgana is involved, why is he surprised the rebels knew they were coming?

And with Alvar captured and set up to be executed, why is no one surprised Morgana sneaks into the dungeons to let Alvar out?

And when she tells off Uther, saying she disowns the king, why is this still a surprise?  She was in on the plan.  She wasn’t a completely innocent victim.  Why let her go?

See, there’s problems there.

Oh, and Merlin did try that crystal for himself.  He saw Camelot in flames.

I guess the Dragon isn’t the forgive-and-forget type…

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