Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 5”

Aw man, the Cybermen are back.  Those guys never know when to quit.  When a sloppily dressed man in a mop-top hairstyle whose best weapon is a recorder keeps beating you, you really need to find a new line of work.

Oh, who am I kidding?  The Doctor is awesome.

Yes, but now that Jamie and the Doctor have seen the Cybermen with their own eyes, that means it’s time to go back to UNIT headquarters and tell the others what’s what.  Vaughn’s security is once again nearly nonexistent, and the pair bring the news to Zoe and the Brigadier.  So, UNIT can stop Vaughn’s plans, right?

Eh, not right away.  The Brigadier does have someone he answers to, the Cybermen have that whole “hypnosis” thing down, and the guy the Brigaider answers to now answers to Vaughn.  That would delay UNIT from doing anything for a few days, and there are already Cybermen in the London sewers going about their Cyber-business.  Plus, Vaughn has Watkins’ machine, a machine that can make Cybermen feel emotions.  They even hook it up to one, turn on the fear, and watch the alien go nuts and run down the sewers.  That would theoretically allow Vaughn to take over the Earth after the Cybermen are through taking over the Earth.

Considering the weapon had to be individually placed on each Cyberman in its current form, I don’t think it’s a very good weapon.

Still, there are good ideas back at UNIT.  The Doctor borrows the transistor radio Vaughn gave to Jamie and then some other IE equipment around UNIT HQ to see if there’s something in them that could cause problems later.  Guys like Vaughn don’t make their companies worldwide conglomerates just to dominate the market.  As for Isobel, she says that she can get proof of the Cybermen in the sewers with her infrared camera lens since she is a photographer after all.  Now, the Brigadier has people of his own to take pictures, so even though he acknowledges it is a good idea, he further suggests that Isobel has to stay behind because she’s a girl.  Jamie agrees with that, but Zoe knows how to trick Jamie into going with the girls into the sewers.

That would be where there are some problems.  A copper sees them go down, follows them, and is killed by the Cybermen.  Meanwhile, Isobel does get the pictures she needs, but she, Zoe, and Jamie are stuck between the regular Cybermen and the crazy one Vaughn let get into the sewers.

Never let a crazy Cyberman get into your sewer system.  They just cause clogs.



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