Doctor Who “The Invasion Part 4”

So, this is probably the last “lost” episode I’ll be watching.  The remaining serials for the Second Doctor are all complete aside from one that isn’t available on Britbox at all, and there’s a new Doctor at the end of this season.

I really like the Second Doctor, too…

So, Security Chief Packer’s people aren’t good at checking train cars because Jamie hid in a pod and the Doctor behind some shelves.  Neither man is spotted, but Jamie tells the Doctor there was something moving inside that pod he was hiding in.  The Doctor also overhears Packer’s people discussing where Zoe and Isobel are being held, so the Doctor is able to signal the UNIT helicopter, get to the place the women are being held, and then all four can climb a rope ladder to the helicopter and fly away, even as Vaughn’s men shoot at them.  Fortunately, no one in Vaughn’s employ can hit a dang thing worth hitting, and the whole company is free to fly back to the Brigadier.

It’s there that the Doctor remembers the giant radio antenna he saw in the IE compound, plus the fact something on the far side of the moon was shooting at the TARDIS.  This causes the Brigadier to pull out some photos people were taking of UFOs for quite some time now.  It looks like Vaughn has some allies that are trying to invade the Earth.

That fits with the title of this serial.

So, what is Vaughn up to?  Well, he’s helping some aliens invade, sure.  But he also doesn’t want people like Packer to suggest Vaughn is taking orders from, oh, anybody.  That just makes Vaughn mad.  That’s why he has Professor Watkins secured somewhere.  Watkins is making some kind of machine that amplifies emotions.  Vaughn plans to use it on his allies once they’ve taken over the world so he can drive them off and have the Earth to himself.  Vaughn just needs stuff from the TARDIS (probably) to complete his own plans.  And Packer really doesn’t want to go through whatever process makes people really strong but also really emotionless.

Well, this all sounds kind of familiar to the home viewer, but the Doctor doesn’t see any of that.  He and Jamie go back to the compound, which is apparently very easy to sneak into, in time to see some scientists open a pod and reveal what’s inside:  a Cyberman!  Yes, Vaughn is working with the Cybermen!

You know, I could have sworn the Doctor said he was going after the Daleks after he picked Zoe up.  But nope, we got the Cybermen again.  Good thing they’re pretty good villains on their own, or I might start to wonder when we were going to get to the fireworks factory…I mean the Daleks.


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