Orphan Black “From Instinct to Rational Control”

Well, it looks like more people mistake other clones for Beth, but it leads to new potential information, so that may be a good thing.

Yes, Alison gets reamed out for Sarah questioning a woman whom Beth had been using for an informant.  I feel like I need a road map just to follow that sentence.

But, bottom line, the woman was getting some fertility treatments, and that means someone needs to go undercover and get inside the fertility clinic that may or may not be connected to Neolution.  Now, Sarah can’t go because she’s trying, with Ferdinand’s help, to track down M.K. because M.K. might be able to find Susan Duncan, and that piece of work would almost certainly be able to remove Sarah’s unwanted cheek implant.  Mrs. S can’t go because she’s in hiding and probably too old anyway.  Cosima can’t go because she and Scott are investigating the still-good implant in Dr. Leekie’s decayed head.  Looks like it changes DNA or something.  And Helena can’t go because she’s already pregnant and she’s Helena.  That leaves Alison and Donnie.

Or, more accurately, Donnie and Felix posing as a gay couple because Alison can’t go in if Beth used to go there.  And sure, Donnie tries a little too hard to look gay, but Felix sets him straight.  And then we see Donnie gets hustled into a room with a cup for a, you know, sample, and the material given to help him get in the mood isn’t really the right stuff for Donnie, so he has to call Alison for some over-the-phone fun that is, of course, as blatantly ridiculous as anything the Hendrixes do.

I love this show sometimes.

Of course, Donnie did spot a woman in the clinic he and Alison used to know from when they were trying other ways to get pregnant, leading Alison to “conveniently” bump into said woman and learn what special treatment she used.  Something called “brightburn” that Donnie and Felix then know to ask about when they get the chance.  Hey, there’s an orientation video featuring a woman from Beth’s flashback episode!

On the downside, Donnie telling Helena about how he and Alison tried to have kids makes Helena feel bad about possibly making Alison feel bad, so she buries her frozen embryos in the Hendrix backyard and walks off.

But does Sarah find M.K.?  Yes, she does.  Or, more accurately, Ferdinand does.  And M.K. wanted Ferdinand to find her because Ferdinand was responsible for the deaths of a bunch of clones in Finland, and M.K. was there. She survived, and even has another longer name I’m not going to bother to learn, and it seems she got Ferdinand to sit on a chair with a bomb underneath that will go off if he moves.  Then she gets the guy to forward a lot of his cash to her and takes off just as Sarah arrives.  Fortunately, Mrs. S knows how to defuse a bomb, but Sarah and company don’t want anything more to do with Ferdinand, seeing as how he is also working with Rachel.

Rachel, by the by, determined that since Charlotte is dying there was no reason to try and save her.  Susan approves of that cold logic of using a dead child to further their cloning research, but it turns out Susan also knew Rachel was contacting Ferdinand, so now nobody will be contacting Ferdinand.  At all.

That’s probably not a good thing.

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