American Horror Story “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

OK, I know this is a Ryan Murphy show, and Ryan Murphy’s shows have a certain…reputation, but this felt like the campiest episode of any TV show I have ever seen.

And it’s only episode four for COVEN.

After an opening where we see a 60s era Marie Laveau use voodoo to revive some corpses in order to get revenge against the racists that killed the teenage son of one of her friends, we see that…

OK, so, here’s the deal.  I meant it when I said this was a campy episode.

Much of the plot deals with how Fiona dealt with the bodies of both Madison and her predecessor, the two witches she killed, though only one was on purpose.  In both cases, Denis O’Hare’s silent butler Spalding helped Fiona dispose of the bodies.

So, let’s see what campy nonsense came out of this because apparently even the Supreme can’t just kill another witch.  That brings in the council led by Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow, Fiona’s old classmate at the witch school.

  • Conroy goes to weird extremes in her performance in a way that screams camp, but as much as I dig Conroy in just about anything, no one outcamps Jessica Lange on AHS.
  • Spalding cut out his own tongue when Fiona and Myrtle were both teenagers to keep himself from talking after Myrtle cast a truth spell on him because he is in love with Fiona.
  • Spalding dresses up in women’s clothes to romance Madison’s corpse in the attic.
  • Kyle rams his head bloody against a toilet bowl.
  • Fiona takes care of the minotaur and mails the head, still alive from the looks of things, back to Laveau.
  • Queenie is resurrected after dying from minotaur-related wounds.
  • Cordelia reveals Madison could not be the next Supreme because Madison had a heart murmur.
  • Cordelia’s husband Hank is cheating on her with a young redheaded actress we haven’t seen since MURDER HOUSE, and cheating on a witch wife is always a good idea.
  • Hank also kills the redhead when she admits she likes him.
  • Cordelia gets acid thrown into her eyes while she and Fiona are trying to get a truce going in a bar.
  • Really.  Acid.
  • All of these bullet points happened.
  • The Camp is strong with this one.

The episode ends with the witches in trouble since Laveau sent zombies to attack the school while Fiona and Cordelia are out and the young neighbor Luke is in.  LaLaurie recognizes the three lead undead as her daughters.

That’s also pretty campy.

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