Watson Reviews: Aquaman (Spoiler Free)

I pissed off now, DCEU. I good to
you, I stand up for you. If you no
help me now, I say fuck you,
I do it myself

– As paraphrased from Pedro Serrano

I love Aquaman. Love him! He’s the classic DC underdog and I am a DC guy in the age of Marvel movies.

I love the character so much, that my favorite gift I have ever received is a beautiful painting of a giant ocean wave with dozens of little comic book Aquamen cutouts riding the crest into the sunset.

It literally hangs on the wall in my bedroom, so I NEED this movie to at least be decent!!!

Come on, DC? Show us you can hit the curveball! Give us Aquaman fans a fun movie!


Arthur Curry is the son of a human lighthouse operator and an Atlantean princess who meet when he nurses her back to health. Separated from his mother, and raised by his father, Arthur grows up to become the superhero known as Aquaman.

When his half brother rallies the seven Ocean kingdoms to unite against the surface dwellers, Aquaman must seek out the Holy Grail battle the newly crowned Ocean Master and his human accomplice, Black Manta, to protect both of his homelands.


  • Aquaman and The Meera.  I liked their chemistry and that she didn’t have to wait for the second film to be a big part of the action like Marvel’s Wasp. The pair were sufficiently charismatic to carry the film and had nice back and forth action comedy chops.
  • Under the Sea! You wonder how plausible the FX team could make a movie set largely underwater, but they really nailed this aspect. From the battles with giant sea creatures to just moving around during a royal conference, the CGI was first rate.
  • Dumb but fun! This movie did what it had to do. It wasn’t Logan or The Dark Knight but there was no Zack Snyder stink on this film. After this, the DECU is out of the ICU for now! Flash will get made. Aquaman 2 will get made. A few years from now? There is now a CHANCE for a Justice League 2!


  • Fun but dumb! This movie is essentially the Fish and the Furious. All Director James Wan (um… The Fast and the Furious 7) is missing is Vin Diesel. Trust me, this movie is not going to evoke Black Panther or Winter Soldier, but it falls into the category of “it is what it is.” It does evoke Indiana Jones though because man do they rip off a lot of his trilogy. But if you are going to copy, copy the master…
  • It was basically a video game. The film featured set piece after set piece; each like a new level of a video game. You had the intro battle where you play the Princess. You have the initial battle where you learn something. A vehicle level where you dodge cannons. The big Manta battle. The quest for the trident. An epic war scene and just when you think the game is over, there is an epic boss scene solo fight. The drama was so generic it felt like cut scenes….
  • It was too late for the serious moments… The cheese was apparent in this film, so when they tried to get dramatic or serious, it really fell flat. My advice: just go with the fun and don’t try to teach us anything. You’re not up to the challenge. You be you, Aquaman 2.

    I liked this movie and I’m happy with the Aquaman that they gave us. It wasn’t Citizen Kane but it certainly wasn’t Catwoman or Steel.

    Yes this is the standard I was worried about exceeding given the state of the DCEU!

    Ultimately, DC needed a hit and this gets us a single… or maybe even legs out a double according to my buddy Ryan!

    It turns out Aquaman CAN hit a curveball.

    Overall, I give Aquaman a score of 8.5 “Willem Dafoe man buns out of 10.

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