The Haunting Of Hill House “Touch”

So, let’s take a look at Theo Crain, the closed off woman who won’t share her feelings and wears gloves most of the time.

She’s a child psychiatrist?!?

Yes, she is.  And she’s good at her job.  It helps that she keeps the gloves off when dealing with patients, allowing her to get a “feel” for them.  That ability works on inanimate objects too, giving her glimpses of the past or the future.

Did I mention she’s psychic?  She’s totally psychic.  Her mom was too, and it was Olivia who gave Theo her first pair of gloves.

What does it mean to be the psychic child?  It means when Luke as a kid went down the Hill House dumbwaiter and saw what looked like a zombie, Theo alone believed him, and since she was also rather smart, she found a hidden passageway even the caretakers didn’t know about.  And yeah, Steven attributed that incident incorrectly to Luke.  Theo is more than happy to tell Steve she found the passageway after he gives her a big residuals check for his first book, something she was going to use to get her Ph.D.

What else does it mean?  It means when she finds the girl who she can’t get a read on, she can go visit the kid’s house, check out the basement, and shake the foster father’s hand.  Yeah, then she can call the cops because she’s never been wrong about those sorts of things.  You know what sorts of things.

It also means, as a kid, she got bad visions off both her parents.  She saw Olivia with half her face a rotting corpse, and when Hugh rushed the family out the night Olivia died, she saw flashes of things happening with her parents that suggested Hugh killed Olivia.

And, in the present, she touches Nell’s corpse in the funeral home…and suddenly starts screaming.

This family sure is messed up.

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