Orphan Black “Transgressive Border Crossing”

Well, we probably should check in with the clones that happen to be the main characters since we learned a lot of Beth stuff last time.

OK, so, M.K.’s warning came just in time, allowing Sarah, Kira, Mrs. S, and Kendell to get out and cover their tracks in Iceland just in time.  Since Neolution is back on their trail, well, they might as well go back to Canada, or whatever nameless place the action takes place in.  That means catching up with Felix, Alison and Donnie, Cosima, and Helena.

So, let’s get the quick ones out of the way first.

Cosima is self-medicating from her new lab underneath a comic book shop with Scott, missing Delphine, and doing so-so in terms of health.  She’s glad to see Kendell again for more DNA, though Scott soon learns Kendell has leukemia.

Alison and Donnie are still housing Helena.  Helena is getting that free Canadian health care by posing as Alison with Donnie as her “husband” for stuff like ultrasounds.  Hey, she’s having twins!  Alison being an orderly neatfreak is getting awfully frustrated by the fact Helena eats anything she can get her hands on and leaves leftovers everywhere.

And Felix is painting again with his bare butt hanging out.  That would be the reason I passed on a Felix Funko Pop figure.

So, yeah, Sarah is back, and she wants to find M.K.  That means she and Art investigate Beth’s place, find surveillance equipment and some more clues to Beth’s last investigation, the one that led to Neolution.  The one that showed a victim having some sort of bug thing being removed from his cheek.

That means going back to the Neolution club with Felix, and Felix isn’t in the mood since he wants to find his biological family and Sarah is a bit dismissive of that idea.  But then she gets mistaken for M.K. and that leads her a laundromat where she actually gets a phone call from the very paranoid M.K.  And all she learns is M.K. is afraid something will kill Sarah and she’s been secretly watching Cosima and Alison all this time, and probably Sarah as well.

And then two paramedics who happen to be Neolution agents walk in, think Sarah is M.K., subdue her, check her cheek, and then let her go because they somehow know she’s Sarah and not M.K.

And why not?  A quick run to Mrs. S’s safehouse shows that Sarah also has that bug thing in her cheek.  Those things tend to cause something like death when removed improperly.

Man, these bad guys are awfully messed up people.



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