Podcast Reaction: Three Wishes Edition

Previously on the Podcast:  The Geeks said some stuff about the sorts of things they’d wish for, and Watson had another trivia game that could, theoretically, put the show on hiatus for six months as his trivia games occasionally do.

Was that clever?  I don’t think it’s that clever.

Watson’s ideal wish-giver.

So, amidst the usual laughter, bickering, and other assorted silliness, they made some wishes.  Some of them were potentially profound.  OK, not really.  But why can’t I have some wishes?

Let’s see…

For my first wish, I want Shane Black to finish the movie he was talking up about the character coming out in this week’s Misplaced Heroes column because, well, I think he might be the kind of writer/director who could make it work especially with the lead actor he maybe had attached to it.  So, that’s a coy wish of mine.  What else can I wish for?

Well, there’s my personal special project for 2019.  But, I have some other stuff to get to before I announce it.

I’m bad at this.

And for my final wish, um, you know, I generally take things as they come.  I want Game of Thrones to end well, but I think it will regardless because, well, I think they’ve done everything else well so far.  Man, this is hard.  Can I take a rain check on my third wish?

I know!  I’ll give it to Jimmy!


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2 thoughts on “Podcast Reaction: Three Wishes Edition

  1. Wahoo! I wish for a turkey sandwich … on rye bread … with lettuce and mustard. And … and! I don’t want any zombie turkey, I don’t want to turn into a turkey myself, and I don’t want any other weird surprises.

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