Orphan Black “The Collapse Of Nature”

You know who we don’t know much about in this show?

Beth Childs.

Time to rectify that.

So, here’s the thing:  for such an important character, we know very little about Beth.  As such, season four opens with an extended flashback showing Beth just before her suicide.  That also means we get to see characters who for one reason or another were written off the show.  That means we see Beth argue with Paul, we see her confront Olivier and his creepy tail at a Neolution club, and we see her meet Dr. Leekie.  We see her suspicions of Paul, but also brief interactions with Cosima and Alison.

Oh, and she just misses Felix at the police station.

And she slept with Art at least once, and the drugs Alison bought were for her.

So, what’s going on?  Well, another clone, a paranoid hacker type with a tendency to wear a sheep mask named M.K. tells Beth about a murder.  Some Neolutionists killed a guy and buried him in the woods.  M.K. saw it, and M.K. only talks to one other clone, that being Beth.  Yes, Cosima and Alison have no idea M.K. exists.

Beth’s investigation takes her into the Neolution club, where she meets with Olivier and gets some more information from a girl worried her boyfriend disappeared, and then later to see Dr. Leekie who knows exactly what Beth is without giving it away to her.

As it is, Beth follows some suspects to an old warehouse and freaks out a bit when she sees the Neolutionists with another body, and then spots one of her superiors in the police department in there helping them.

Oh, and then she got jumpy and shot Maggie Chen, learned the cop she saw on-scene is a union rep who will be there with her at all times until everything gets cleared up, and yeah, I think we know why she killed herself now.

Oh, but then we skip to the present and find out M.K. came out of hiding to get a hold of Sarah in Iceland to let her know that Neolution is on its way to get her and Kira.

Looks like season four is off to a good start.


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