Doctor Who “The Wheel In Space Part 1”

Wikipedia tells me that “The Wheel in Space,” the final serial of season five, is actually missing two-thirds of its episodes.  Did Britbox find them?

Nope.  This episode, and I suspect the other missing ones, are back to still shots over the original audio.

Anyhoo, Victoria is gone, and Jamie is missing her.

You know, I really liked that aspect of the story.  I’ve seen companions come and go, but they rarely get that much attention from those left behind.  Sure, we might get a minute or two where the remaining companions talk about how the missing one isn’t around anymore, but then the new adventure would start and we’d forget all about whoever ain’t around anymore.

But no, this one does it differently.  Jamie legitimately misses Victoria in a way that suggests he was smitten with her.  He keeps asking the Doctor about her, and the Doctor says he misses her too, but it sure is something Jamie wants to talk about.  And all the Doctor seems willing to say is Victoria was left in a fairly stable time with a kindly new set of parents when she wouldn’t have to worry about any wars or the like.

So, yeah, spending a significant amount of time worrying about a lost companion was a nice touch I haven’t really seen before.

Oh, and the rest of the plot:  the TARDIS leaks out some much-needed mercury, forcing the Doctor and Jamie to get off on a deserted spaceship, but the robot on board does some stuff that makes the rocket look like it could be a threat to a wheel-shaped space station, causing the crew there to look into maybe destroying the rocket before it does something bad.  Jamie does stop the robot, but not before it knocks out the Doctor with a concussion.

That could be bad.


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