Comic Review: Batman (New 52) Volume 6

If you’re my one steady reader (hi, Jimmy!), then you may have noticed a general slowdown in graphic novel consumption.  Suffice to say I’ve been busy with other projects, but for now, here’s a write-up for the sixth volume in Scott Snyder’s New 52 Batman run.  This one is subtitled Graveyard Shift.

So, various other trades have skipped issues here and there, and Graveyard Shift‘s various reprints fill in those blanks.  We get a story or two set in the Zero Year, a couple from around the time Damien Wayne was temporarily dead, and then two set in what I think is the future for a story Snyder wrote called Batman Eternal.  I probably need to read that one, but the bottom line is, this trade is all over the place.  Most of the issues reprinted in are one-shots.  There’s a Superman team-up, the introduction of a new vigilante called Bluebird, a fight with an evolved Clayface, and Batman deals with Arkham’s oldest inmate, a century+ year old woman called the Anchoress.

So, while these individual stories are fine, the fact that they all seem to connect to other, unincluded stories means the trade as a whole doesn’t add up to much.  So, yeah, the book had some good stuff in it, but it seemed like various random stuff all tossed into a blender and then poured out some stuff where the individual ingredients are fine but I try to review these things as a collective.  Keep that in mind as I toss in a grade of 7.5 out of 10 disputes over what Arkham is supposed to be.


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