Castle Rock “Henry Deaver”

Where did young Henry Deaver disappear to when he was 12 and who is the Kid?

Hey, time for some answers.  The season’s almost over anyway.

So, who is the Kid?

He’s Henry Deaver.

From a different reality, one where Ruth and the Rev had a biological son instead of an adopted one, one where Ruth left her crazy husband, a man who claimed he came back to life after his stressed out mother tried to murder him in his crib during his infancy in what was probably the most disturbing scene of the entire series.

In this reality, Henry/the Kid is a fairly successful guy for a pharmaceutical giant or something when he gets a call from Alan telling him that he needs to put his Alzheimer’s curing stuff on hold to take care of his father.  It seems the Reverend Deaver killed himself.

And that’s when the next surprise comes along:  the other Henry, the one we know as Henry for the previous eight episodes, is locked in the basement.  He’s 12, and had followed his version of Reverend Deaver out into the woods and finally heard the whatever it was that’s out there, but it zapped him to this reality where a version of his adopted father locked him in the basement.

And yeah, this reality’s Molly confirms that with her Shining.

Yeah, alternate realities is such a Dark Tower kind of thing.

Well, the problem is trouble seems to follow this kid around like it does the Kid in the main universe, and the Kid decides to take young Henry home.  Molly goes with him, but then weird stuff happens.

Molly is killed.

The Kid sees people from different realities and times in the woods.

And while Henry returns to his universe, the Kid accidentally goes with him and gets stuck.

So, we know a lot more now.

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