Orphan Black “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

Look, every episode of Orphan Black has something like three or four plotlines being juggled that usually end up somewhere similar, but some of them are just more exciting than others, so I tend to say more about the thrilling ones and less of the others.

For example, Cosima thought her new girlfriend was the Castor mole, forcing Delphine to go to the new girl’s place and threaten her with torture, only for Gracie to admit she did it for Mark.

See?  Important, but not interesting compared to trips to London and dealing with drug dealers.

On the one hand, Mrs. S, Sarah, and Felix go to London to see if they can find the Castor Original.  They got enough code and S had some contacts, one a former boyfriend if you catch my drift, that leads them to a prison number and that leads to address and two different guys who worked with S in that underground she still uses for contacts to get Sarah to the Castor original, someone named Kendell Mallone.  Kendell had done some hard time for some light murder or some such, and Sarah wants to find this person before Mrs. S does, because Mrs. S wants to kill this person to stop the Castors.  She even has a gun.

Also in London is Ferdinand, who keeps killing Mrs. S’s contacts just after these people pass along useful information no matter how accidental.  Ferdinand is a jerk.

Oh, but here’s a surprise:  Kendell is an old woman.  She’s absorbed a male twin in the womb, giving herself male and female genetics.  She’s also the Leda Original.  That means she can maybe help cure the Ledas, so S won’t kill Kendell.

Also, Kendell is Mrs. S’s mother.

Man, these people will have some real problems next Thanksgiving.

As for drug dealers, a guy named Pouchy shows up at the soap shop and demands Donnie return all the drugs.  Donnie doesn’t have them, but Pouchy does take Helena’s frozen embryos.  You know, as collateral.  He doesn’t exactly know what the tank is.  Neither does Donnie.  Donnie doesn’t know much.

But remember:  Helena likes Donnie, and hearing Donnie talk about how he has to go get the drugs to the dealers and try to get his and Alison’s money back, about his responsibility as a father, touches Helena’s heart, and she insists on coming along.  Sure, Donnie tries to leave her in the car, but she plops a hat on and goes in, posing as Alison.  (Asked why her voice is different, she says she has a cold.  This show is awesome.)

So, yeah, drug dealers don’t give refunds, and even laugh at Donnie when he explains what the tank is, thinking it’s a sign of his not being a real man.  And Helena, she’s being good, getting her tank back, and as the dealers make their final bit of tough-guy posturing, one of them tosses off a threat at Alison and Donnie’s kids.

Hey, what’s Helena’s berserk button again?

Oh yeah, it’s threatening children.  And there’s her theme music again.

So, after shoving Donnie and the tank out the door, Helena deals with the drug dealers.  Off-screen, but seeing her stagger out, bloody and carrying the paper slicer the dealers use to amputate thumbs, you know what happened.

She also got the Hendrixes that refund.  And then some.

Maybe don’t mess with Helena.

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