Simpsons Did It!: “Werking Mom”

The B-plot for this episode has Lisa, somewhat inspired by staying up late watching French movies, going out and trying to improve people’s lives all around town.  It’s more or less a parody of Amelie, complete with a regular cast member narrating in a cartoon French accent for much of the episode.  There’s even a nice gag where Lisa gets help from Bart who has a key, floor plan, and a can of tuna for Skinner’s house.  The tuna is to make the Skinner cat fat, and we see later it’s working.

But the rest of the episode is a Marge episode.  So, let’s go.

Marge needs money.  OK, the Simpsons as a whole need money, but Marge needs it more, and Homer says no wife of his will work as long as he’s around because that’s something people used to say foolishly and he has no issue with Marge working.  What is Marge’s new job?  She’s disappointing Homer in the kitchen by selling empty plastic food storage containers.  Homer finds empty containers always disappointing, even if he doesn’t think there is such thing as leftover lasagna.

Yes, Marge is selling Tupper—I mean, Tubberware, and that means getting other people to host parties for her to sell the stuff at.  She can’t just sell the stuff directly for some reason.  No one really wants to host a party for Marge, but then her haidresser, Springfield’s most flamboyant regular gay character Julio, feels bad for Marge and offers to host the party for Springfield’s gay community.  He gets her gussied up beforehand, and that helps give Marge the confidence to sell some food containers.

There’s just one thing:  the gay men present think Marge is a drag queen.

Now, Julio is a decent enough human being that he tells Marge about it after the party, and while she is initially upset, the prospect of finding the confidence to sell Tubberware is enough to make Marge forget about it, even going to a drag club and meeting the performers that includes Smithers, Sideshow Mel, and a very tall character voiced by guest star RuPaul.  There’s a big song, and Marge finds enough confidence to not only sell her wares but also to drop a sick burn on Helen Lovejoy.  Good for her.

But then Homer has to ruin things as he is wont to do.  Moe suggests Homer go see Marge at a certain address, and while he’s stopped at the door by another drag queen voice by actual drag queen Sutan Amrull, he does burst in and inadvertently reveals to the room that Marge is a woman.  To Homer’s credit, he realizes why he’s wrong as he says it, seeing Marge used it for the confidence she needed, but it ruins Marge’s business and she isn’t willing to forgive Homer any time soon.

But this is The Simpsons, so things will work out.  First, Marge goes to her new drag friends to confess she’s actually a woman, but they all knew already (aside from guest star Scott Thompson’s Grady, but he’s cool).  But then Homer comes out in bad drag himself, the two forgive each other and…well, that’s it aside from a bit at the end where Barney drunkenly flirts with Homer only to find out the old adage is true:  all the good women are either married or Homer.

How many times has Barney flirted with Homer?

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