American Horror Story “Continuum”

OK, seriously, why was this thirteen episodes?

I mean, there isn’t much left.

Alma, Kit, and Grace are living a polygamous lifestyle with their kids, the locals harass them, and while Grace is still obsessed with the aliens, Alma wants nothing to do with them until one day, Alma snaps and kills Grace with an axe.  And this time, it sticks.  Kit takes Alma to Briarcliff, and Alma dies there.

Sister Jude is still in Briarcliff.  She’s talking to Monsignor Howard, now Cardinal of New York, and Pepper, but he left two years ago and she died, so it looks like Jude really is nuts.  And hey, since the Church gave the asylum to the state, and the place got even worse and even more crowded, Jude thought her new roommate was the Angel of Death.  And it sure was fun seeing Frances Conroy playing a prison gang leader.

Lana published her book on Briarcliff.  She isn’t taking the place down.  Kit is disappointed.

And in the present, Johnny got a copy of his mother’s book because he’s nuts.

Did this have to be a whole episode?  I’m thinking no.

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