Doctor Who “The Enemy Of The World Part 3”

You know, I somehow get the impression this Salamander guy might be a bit smarter than your average Doctor Who human villain.

I mean, he pretty much figures out Jamie and Victoria are spies.  That comes in part because his security chief, Donald Bruce, asks how Salamander got back from Australia so quickly and how he knows Jamie.  Plus, Astrid was spotted with Victoria.  These sorts of things allow Salamander to figure out how exactly Jamie got on his good side, and if Jamie got in, then so did Victoria.

See?  He’s smart.  He’s not going to be just telling the Daleks to respect his title or something.

Plus, his plans for world domination aren’t completely stupid:  find a weak man, make up some stuff to blackmail him with, and then force the weak man to poison his stronger superior and set the weak man in the superior’s place.  Perfect plan.

Unless, of course, the weak man is also too weak to poison somebody out of this desire not to murder anyone.  What a wimp.  Bottom line there is Denes gets to live and Salamander will…poison the weak man to tie up any loose ends.

But there are other loose ends, like how sticking Victoria in the kitchen is a terrible idea since she doesn’t know how to cook.  But that means she can befriend Fariah the food taster.  And, uh, Fariah hates Salamander and only does that job because sometimes you have to do jobs and tasks you don’t like, which is what I say on weekends when I have papers to grade.  That’s tedious.  My students don’t want to kill me on a whim.  I think.

But, you know, simply having a food taster means you’re probably a dink, but back in Australia, the Doctor still needs more evidence to follow Kent’s plans.  Because, you know, just because someone says someone else is evil doesn’t make it so.

Of course, Jamie and Victoria are probably in deadly danger and Salamander knows he has a double, so the Doctor may have to act sooner than he had planned.


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