Orphan Black “Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Method”

Meet Krystal Goderitch.  She’s another clone, a beautician by trade, and she doesn’t know she’s a clone.

Will she find out at some point?

Not yet.  She’s a bubbly blonde, and thinks twins are creepy.  Sure, Seth and Rudy kidnapped her, but she got out and doesn’t even think “clones”.  So, that’s good enough for Delphine to leave her alone.

But man, the code in Ethan’s book can only be translated by Rachel, and she will…provided she can be smuggled out of the country.  She’s officially dead, so that means she needs someone else’s ID, and that means stealing it from Krystal.  Now, Sarah can’t go con it off the girl since they share a face and all, so that means Felix can do it.  And that means he goes in with a fake accent–or more probably actor Jordan Gavaris’s actual accent since he’s Canadian and not English–and, well, he feels bad for Krystal, sees she might be getting close, and then offers her some nice words of encouragement that tell her absolutely nothing about what’s going on.  That was sweet.

He still stole her ID.

With this last bit, and after smuggling Rachel out of Dyad, all seems good and Rachel even translates the first page…until Dr. Nealon busts in with some armed guards and takes Rachel away and the copy of Ethan’s book.

Yeah, it was a copy because someone told the Castors the book existed, and Rudy took the original from Scott.  Cosima told Delphine there wasn’t a copy.  Of course there was a copy.

So, Nealon has the copy, but then he says Rachel died on the way to her home planet, but it’s really Krystal in a medically-induced coma.  Rachel is in another country getting a prosthetic eye.  So, yeah, Rachel got away from both Delphine and the other clones.  Delphine, for her part, fired Scott and Cosima.  Someone must be a spy for the Castors, and Cosima’s new ladyfriend looks like a good suspect.  How else did they know the book existed?  I mean, it’s not like Dr. Coady is giving up since she lost a thumb or something and is otherwise OK after Paul blew himself up.

Now, that would be enough for a normal show, but this is Orphan Black.  We have other characters.  Like, there’s the Hendrixes.  They’re selling drugs through soap, and it seems their house is now a home for everybody that needs a home since they have Gracie and Helena.  Donnie isn’t happy about that, but as Felix explains, it’s their turn to house Helena.  I’m glad at least somebody remembers Helena is a serial murderer.

Oh, but hold on:  Donnie learned Jason kissed Alison.  Or actually Cosima.  And then Alison.  Alison says she handled it.  Donnie doesn’t care and goes to tell Jason to back off, Jason questions Donnie’s manhood, especially when Donnie just slaps Jason.  So, you know, Jason beats the snot out of Donnie.

But, you know, that’s a bad thing to do…for Jason.  See, Donnie does have a new fan.  Helena really took a liking to the guy, and given the preview for the next episode, methinks some drug dealers are going to really regret messing with Donnie very soon.

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