Castle Rock “The Queen”

OK, so, what’s up with Ruth?  She’s played by a very recognizable actress, and she hasn’t done much on the show.

Until now.

Ruth, well, she’s unstuck in time.  Her dementia isn’t really that so much as she keeps bouncing back and forth through her own lifetime, seeing things from her past, and hey, Sissy Spacek plays the character at every age in this episode.  Since she keeps slipping around, she isn’t sure of a lot of things, mentioning people she hasn’t met yet in the past, explaining the whole “chess set” thing again to Wendell, and, well, it makes a lot of sense for a Stephen King story for something like this to happen.

What that means is we finally get an explanation for Ruth and some of her weirder moments.

Why does she keep thinking her dog is still alive?

Because the dog keeps appearing to her, a big German shepherd that had been hit by a truck and Alan buried in the backyard.

Was she a good mother to young Henry?

The best.

Was Reverend Deaver a good husband and father?

No.  The guy seems nuts  and there was a gun in the house that Ruth was never comfortable with until she needed it.

That would be when the Kid showed up, and the Kid was acting in a fairly gentle manner trying to get Ruth to take her meds and go to bed, but Ruth knows her problem isn’t something the meds can fix and was in the act of throwing them away when the Kid showed up.

Instead, she managed to stab the Kid and found and loaded the gun to shoot him when he came back.

And she shot Alan by mistake.

Wendell had suggested his grandmother was a timewalker like a character in some video game he played on his phone.  Tragically, Wendell wasn’t wrong.


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