Tom’s Birthday Week Comic Review: Saga Volume 7

Man, I picked up a few rather sad trades for my birthday this week.

Granted, Saga has never been an overly cheerful book even when the characters are going through the best of times.

Here’s the thing:  Saga has never been afraid of killing its characters off, so as we see in this volume, just about every character in the series is suffering in one form or another before the book is out.  Narrator Hazel refers to this story as one of the worst moments in her life, and she isn’t the slightest bit wrong.  Running low on fuel, her parents and their stowaway passengers land on a comet to refuel, meeting more people who were victims to the ongoing war between Marko and Alana’s two peoples.  These small aliens are devoutly religious, mostly young children, and incredibly friendly.  So, you know things won’t work out.  Hazel told us so in the beginning.

How badly it goes is a whole other story.

Factor in as well that Prince Robot may not be in the best of shape and the Will, nowhere near the small family, sinks further down into his own sinkhole of despair and misery, and the best we can say happens to anyone is the transgender Petri gets some acceptance from the handful of characters who know she wasn’t always a she.

Seriously, this one had a really dark ending.  Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples put together a real kick to the gut with this one.  That’s some high quality work right there to make a reader care this much about fictional characters, some of whom don’t get as much screentime as others.  10 out of 10 hallucinated harems.

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