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You know, I am somehow not surprised to learn that when Alison and Donnie got married, Donnie took Alison’s last name.

I am somehow unsurprised by this.

I am equally unsurprised his original name was “Chubbs”.

Look, Donnie is bad at most things, like being inconspicious and hiding how jealous he is of Alison’s drug dealer ex-boyfriend Jason and…holy crap!  Jason is being played by Justin Chatwin!

Moving on.

Anyhoo, Alison’s mother won’t sell her daughter the soap store because, well, she doesn’t trust Donnie.

Jason, meanwhile, takes Donnie while Alison is indisposed of at a campaign event, and the lead dealer isn’t happy Donnie brought the wrong duffel bag.  Which was the right one?  The one full of money.  Donnie has Alison’s campaign ads.  Oh, and the seller is the same dealer who chopped Vic’s finger off way back when.  That means Jason has to go get the money from Alison before Donnie gets one of his own fingers chopped off.

Oh, and Alison’s mother has some harsh words for Alison’s father, going so far as to hang a picture of Alison’s election rival on the store wall.  This woman is awful.  Plus, we all know the guy she describes as the sperm donor that gave her Alison can’t possibly be the right person.

Plus, at that exact moment, Delphine decided she wants a urine sample from Cosima.  Cosima doesn’t want to give her one because she doesn’t really trust Delphine anymore.  But hey, maybe Alison can give Cosima a urine sample to give Delphine.  Simple right?

That of course means when Cosima shows up at the campaign event and Alison is off dealing with a fake heart attack from her mother, Campaign Manager Felix drafts Cosima to pose as Alison for pictures and Cosima at one point even has to give a speech.

Fortunately, Alison comes back after rescuing Donnie and makes the speech, winning over even her mother’s approval.  Plus, Mama Hendrix remembers and likes Jason (methinks she doesn’t know he’s a drug dealer) and the two bond over mutual disapproval of Donnie enough to convince the older woman to sell the soap store.

Of course, Alison has had enough of that woman and pulls Cosima out to reveal that her mother was wrong about the whole “special sperm donor” thing because Alison is a clone.

Mama Hendrix refuses to believe that, figuring Cosima just had the same sperm donor.

That’s not technically wrong.

Still, Cosima is later found bleeding heavily below the waste while she took a bath, so maybe she should have turned over that urine sample.

Oh, in other news, Rachel might know her father’s code and Helena manages to forgive Mrs. S after a fist fight and a promise to treat her as family, so that stuff also happened.


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