Doctor Who “The Tomb Of The Cybermen Part 1”

So, I finally get to see a live action serial with the Second Doctor, and the one thing I noticed more than anything else is that there is one thing:  the Doctor routinely tells people not to mess with certain things, but they opt to mess with things anyway, so there you go.

Anyway, we’re starting with two new companions:  Jamie and Victoria.  Jamie has been on the TARDIS for a while.  Victoria must be new because she’s getting the standard “old companion or the Doctor explains how the TARDIS works and she doesn’t believe it” moment.  Jamie seems to be at home here.  Granted, I don’t know where either of these two came from, but there ya go.  Plus, Jamie is Scottish, so he wears a kilt.

Anyway, the TARDIS soon materializes near an archaeological expedition looking for…well, it got one guy killed, and the woman funding the expedition, Kaftan, is expecting something from the security team and the archaeologists.  She has a partner named Klieg and a muscular servant named Toberman.  After initially suspecting the Doctor and his friends are some sort of rival group, they readily accept the Doctor’s help opening the doors to the tomb they found without getting anything like a name.  The doors had already killed one guy with an electric shock, but the Doctor had a gadget that proved the door was safe, and once inside, well, the Doctor can figure out using some sort of symbolic logic how to work the doors and such, but what is this place?

It’s a tomb for the Cybermen.  The Doctor doesn’t think nosing around there is a good idea, but as with the Daleks, no one listens to this sound advice.  Someone wants to find the bodies of the long dead Cybermen.

But there are problems.  Kaftan doesn’t trust the newcomers and wants to keep an eye on them.  She opts to follow Victoria, Klieg will watch the Doctor, and Toberman can take care of Jamie if it comes to that.  And when the group splits into three groups, the Doctor finds some problems and realizes they need to find everyone because the tomb is probably booby trapped.

Well, Kaftan locks Victoria inside a Cyberman sarcophagus and makes it look like an accident, but the Doctor lets her out without too much trouble.

As for Jamie, he and another guy find a deactivated Cybermat, and since Jamie seems to know what those things are, I am guessing this isn’t their first appearance.  I wouldn’t know.  Lousy missing episodes…

Anyway, there seems to be some kind of hypnosis going on in Jamie and the Other Guy’s section, but they figure out how to work around it just as the Doctor bursts in with a warning.  He’s a little too late because even though he switches the machine off, a Cyberman pops out and a ray gun kills the Other Guy.

That’s probably bad.


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