Doctor Who “The Power Of The Daleks Part 6”

Well, here’s a surprise:  you can’t trust the Daleks.

Yeah, the Daleks are through pretending to be servants and have gone into full “exterminate the humans” mode.  They’re running around shooting, oh, everybody, and even trick some rebels into taking them to where the fighting is fiercest between Bragen’s security guards and the remains of the rebels.  And then the rebel woman who led the Daleks to the middle of the fight is SHOCKED when the Daleks start shooting everybody, including her.

Oh yeah, here’s another surprise:  Bragen turned on the rebels that got him into power.

Bragen can’t be very smart.  He’s demanding that, as governor, the Daleks need to stop killing his people.  Somehow, he thinks his title will impress the Daleks.

It does not.

So, Quinn, the Doctor, Polly, and Ben find a cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Lesterson, and he gives out just enough information to let the Doctor know the Daleks are getting their power from the colony itself.  As such, as soon as they find the junction where the power cords are, Lesterson goes out as a distraction, possibly on purpose, and dies under Dalek power.  And that gives the Doctor enough time to reverse the energy flow.  And that causes all the Daleks to overload and explode.

That’s kinda awesome.

Plus, Bragen gets shot by another rebel.  So that happened.

Anyway, Quinn becomes the new governor, and the Doctor leads Polly and Ben back to the TARDIS to do some more time traveling.

But I can’t watch those because Britbox doesn’t have the rest of season four, including the last appearances of Polly and Ben and the first appearance of a character I am told is the Second Doctor’s best-remembered companion.  Oh well.  I am sure I can see that guy when I finally get to see the Second Doctor in live action.

Oh, and one Dalek seemed to be still alive after everything went boom, but that’s a problem for another day.


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