Castle Rock “Filter”

Did Henry Deaver get any answers this episode?

Eh, probably not.  He also probably shouldn’t go wandering into the woods.

By the by, Henry’s son Wendell comes to visit, and it’s one of the kids from the movie IT: Chapter One.  Does he have any scenes with his former Pennywise co-star?  Yes and no.  Wendell Deaver spots the Kid staring into a window at their house and everyone finds him creepy.  That sounds about right actually…

So, Alan and Henry each go off on searches related to weird stuff in Castle Rock.  Alan is convinced there is something in Warden Lacy’s car that can help Ruth get her memories back, so he spends most of the episode trying to get it back.

Henry, meanwhile, first puts the Kid into the Juniper Hill psychiatric hospital, and the Kid does escape when a fire breaks out there.  I am assuming that much because the fire thing is only really mentioned on the radio in Alan’s truck when he starts the engine at one point.  Then Henry goes off into the woods to find out what his father meant by constantly asking young Henry if he heard something.  This comes after he finds some old tapes and after learning Molly killed the Reverend because Molly thought he wanted her to when they were both kids.

Instead, Henry meets a deaf man and the deaf man’s translator and protege.  It seems the deaf man, a college professor type, used to meet Reverend Deaver in the woods all the time to discuss the sounds they heard there.  The Reverend thought they were the voice of God.  The deaf man, named Odin, thought they were the sounds of something he called the schism.  He says Henry’s own weird tinnitus is a result of that, and if Henry would step into his special soundproof booth in Odin’s RV, then Henry could hear it clearer.

I’m not sure why Henry steps into the booth.  It all sounds nuts.  It sounds more nuts when he learns Odin put out his own hearing to hear the “perfect” sound of the schism better.  And then Henry gets locked into the booth.

Back at the Deaver house, Wendell and Ruth are playing chess when Wendell asks why so many pieces are missing and Ruth has some explanation involving time being an eternal loop and she puts chess pieces around the house to help her stay focused on the present.  She goes off to get some pills, spills them, and then sees the Kid walk in and take off his coat and shoes.

Then when Alan comes home, the Kid had a bloody hand and Ruth is missing…

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