Doctor Who “The Power Of The Daleks Part 2”

And our animated recreation of the Second Doctor’s first adventure continues with some political strife on a space colony involving characters whose names I never bothered to learn in the first episode of this serial.  Bummer.

But the Second Doctor, well, he’s just still acting very silly.  He’s got an examiner’s badge, and he intends to use it.  Of course, when he, Polly, and Ben are told they can’t go certain places, it doesn’t sit well with the Doctor.  He has a BADGE for crying out loud!

Of course, this is all a result of Lesterson refusing to give out any information on where the missing Dalek is.  Clearly the guy had been in that chamber before.  And clearly he was hiding something.  I mean, it’s really clear because we get cutaway scenes of Lesterson and his two assistants first hiding the Dalek casing and then trying to revive it.  Heck, they’re so successful, the Dalek wakes up and stuns one of the assistants.  That just means they need to remove the gun arm even though they don’t seem able to open the top up.

Say, we did see a slimy blob hide itself when the Doctor was looking at those Daleks.  I’m guessing that’s the first time we get to get something of a clear look at one.

But while Ben and Polly continue to argue whether or not the Doctor is the Doctor, Polly saying yes and Ben saying no, the Doctor is pleased to get a fruit basket.

No, really!

He’s even more pleased when he finds a listening device of some kind hidden inside a grapefruit.  After crushing it, Ben assumes that the Doctor knew it was there and that was why the Doctor was acting like an idiot.

I love the look the Doctor makes when Ben makes this suggestion.  It’s the sort of look that suggests the Doctor wasn’t doing anything on purpose.

Anyway, the Doctor demands to see the governor to report on Lesterson, and as he is in there, in comes Lesterson with his reactivated Dalek.  And sure, the Dalek is saying he’s a loyal servant, but the Doctor keeps saying he isn’t any such thing, and since the Dalek recognized the Doctor, that told Ben all he needed to know and this is indeed still the Doctor.  Probably.


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