Orphan Black “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations”

Well, that’s nice.  Cosima had a nice date with a new woman.

Not so nice is the woman is monitoring Cosima.

Also nice?  Sarah and Helena are back together again.

Not so nice?  Helena believes various lies about Sarah being the one who betrayed her.  Helena really should stop listening to that scorpion.

Also nice?  Paul and Mark both know Sarah is locked up and figure it can’t be all bad.

Not so nice?  Dr. Coady is taking an awful lot of Sarah’s blood.

Also nice?  Gracie may have been kicked out of her home, but she does go to Art.  She knows about Art.  Art being a cop can’t hold her, so he takes her to stay with Mrs. S and Felix.  Heck, Gracie seems to be really enjoying herself when they finally let her try alcohol and put on some rock music.

Not so nice?  Gracie collapses with bloodshot eyes.  That woman Seth and Rudy assaulted also has them.  It would seem having sex with a Castor clone is not a good idea for women.  Paul also found their book of many, many hair samples.

Really nice?  Helena of course had an escape plan.  It involves a loose bar, butter, and knowing when the camera sweeps happen.  She and Sarah work together to get Helena out of her cell.  She even easily kills the guy who comes to investigate.  You can’t keep Helena locked up for long.  She will find a way out.

Not at all nice?  She leaves Sarah locked in her own cell because Helena still thinks Sarah betrayed her instead of Mrs. S.

Potentially nice?  Even with the alarms going off when Helena gets out, she does stop to think about going back for Sarah after all.

This has been another “nice/not nice”.


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