Doctor Who “The War Machines Part 2”

Huh.  WOTAN and his hypnotized slaves all refer to the Doctor as “Doctor Who”.  How curious.

Yes, for some reason, WOTAN wants the Doctor under his control too.  And why not?  He seems to be a good catch.  As it is, the Doctor, along with new friends Polly and Ben, is worrying over the disappearance of Dodo in the Inferno club when she just comes back.  The group hails a cab and meets a homeless tramp.  The tramp wanders off and finds a warehouse where he usually sleeps is under WOTAN’s control as the computer’s slaves build the first of WOTAN’s “war machines”.

As it is, they opt to kill the old guy.  And that makes the news and catches a few eyes.

So, what happens?  Well, the Doctor apparently is staying with a minor Lord because…well, he just is.  But then first Polly shows up, looking to do work because she said Professor Brett sent here there.  That seems weird, but then Dodo insists the Doctor call Brett and find out what’s going on.  Brett then tries to mind-zap the Doctor over the phone.

Fortunately, the pulse causes the Doctor to drop the receiver before he can be hypnotized.  Then he realizes Dodo is acting funny and manages to put her deeper, slipping her into a 48 hour sleep that will, he assures all present, completely cure Dodo of all mind control.  She’s then shipped off to the country to recover.

So, I guess that’s the last we’ll see of her.  Like, ever.

As it is, Polly decides to go back to the Post Office Tower and see what’s going on there.  Brett and WOTAN capture her.

As for Ben, he shows up because Polly skipped a lunch date and he recognized the dead tramp in the newspaper from the night before.  The Doctor asks him to look around the area and see what’s up.  Ben does so in time to see the first War Machine do a test run.  It sure is dangerous, even if it somehow looks less graceful than a Dalek.

But bad news.  It looks Ben was spotted by that computerized tank thing…


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