Doctor Who “The OK Corral”

Well, here we are, a low budget show trying to showcase an exciting gunfight between various desperate Old West figures played by English actors doing some of the strangest accents I’ve ever heard.

And, truthfully, the shoot-out isn’t that bad.  Sure, the show couldn’t afford to show actors, you know, bleed, but considering what usually passes for weapons going off on Doctor Who , it could have been a whole lot worse.

For starters, hey, Steven was being held with Kate by the Clantons, and Pa Clanton is pretty quick to tell his boys that killing Wyatt Earp’s kid brother probably made things worse.  He isn’t wrong.  Wyatt and his brother Virgil have sworn vengeance, even if Bat Masterson would rather, you know, put the Clantons on trial like the law says.  That means deputizing the reluctant Doctor to try and calm things down.  That allows Steven to tell the Doctor that Johnny Ringo is involved, and that means the Earps know, as does Doc Holiday, who comes back to town and returns Dodo to the Doctor.

Everybody got that so far?

So, the series’ main stars stand aside and let the gunfight happen.  Holiday guns down a bunch of guys without breaking a sweat, and then everything more or less goes back to normal as the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo jump in the TARDIS to go to another time, one that the Doctor says is the far future but in fact has what looks like a primitive barbarian running around.

And…that’s it for this serial, and for Steven, who stays behind after the next adventure to do…something.  I only have a vague idea what, but once again, missing episode leave gaps in the early part of the series.

And I kinda liked Steven.  He was competent, but not too competent.  I mean, I watch this show for the Doctor, not any of the companions.

Oh well.  It’s not like I am going to miss the last episode for the First Doctor.

Except I think I am going to miss the last episode of the First Doctor.




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