Castle Rock “The Box”

So, the prison guard at Shawshank that we kept seeing, his name is Dennis.  I never saw fit to mention him by name before, mostly because, well, in these large ensemble shows, I never know which characters are important enough to refer to by name right away.  But, it turns out Dennis is the key to Henry’s whole case to get the Kid out of his probably wrongful imprisonment at Shawshank.

Of course, there’s a problem with that, starting with how Dennis is a really disgruntled employee who wants out of Shawshank as quickly as possible, things that aren’t good for an in-court testimony.  He knows there are fishy things going on in that prison, and not just because some guy asked for–and got–a Rita Hayworth poster.

But there’s a lot wrong with Castle Rock, the town, if not Castle Rock, the TV series.  Like, where was Henry when he disappeared for eleven days?  His father died looking for him.  His mother never talked about it.  Why was Sheriff Pangborn out looking for a child in the middle of winter when it was obvious a kid would have died of exposure long before then?

We get a basic answer to that last one:  Pangborn and Ruth Deaver’s relationship is not a new thing.

As for Ruth, why did she never talk about her son’s disappearance?  Well, she seems out of it now…unless you ask her about moving to an old folks’ home in Texas.  She won’t do that.  She doesn’t seem too pleased to see her husband’s casket get transferred from a landfill back to the church either.

How does she knows Henry wants to move her to Texas?  Alan told her.

Why?  He hates Henry from the looks of things.

Why?  The Reverend Deaver passed Alan a note before the Reverend died, saying Henry killed him.

Heck, even Molly seems to think Henry on some level might be guilty.

But then there’s the Desjardins house.  Those guys were the closest to an actual suspect in Henry’s disappearance, so he opts to go look around up there.  And one of them comes home.  The house is something of a wreck, but the old man runs a barber shop out of the parlor and, when asked, does have the official police file on Henry’s disappearance in his hoarder-packed bedroom.

Um, what?

He also wants his brother’s fingerbones back.

Um, what?

None of that explains the box-like shed in his backyard which, when opened, shows a bowl with a spoon in it.

Also not explained:  where the Kid came from, but he can creep out some hardass former special forces guy into leaving his cell just by quoting some Bible verses.

But then we come full circle to Dennis.  In the pilot, Dennis saw the Kid walk past a bunch of dead guards over the prison’s monitor system, but when he went to investigate in the second episode, nobody was dead.  After drawing smiley faces with a dry erase marker over the monitors and then seeing that gone the next day, Dennis sees Henry in the lobby for the warden’s office and decides he needs to talk to him.

He then leaves, shooting as many guards as he can before some SWAT team types finally take him down directly in front of Henry.

Yeah, maybe should have said something about Dennis before.


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