Doctor Who “Johnny Ringo”

OK, so, the singing in the background for these episodes, which I initially disregarded as stuff there to add atmosphere, was actually intended to advance the plot a bit.  It still sounds weird.

But not as weird as some of these “Western” accents.

So, when last we left, oh, everybody, the Doctor was in jail for his own good, Steven was about to be killed by a mob convinced the Doctor is really Doc Holiday, and Dodo was being held by the real Holiday far from Tombstone.  Everybody got that?  Cause I ain’t slowing down.

Considering how much of the plot is advanced by song, I don’t have to do much.  What it boils down is this:

Charlie the barman reveals he knows full well the Doctor isn’t Doc Holiday, and with that known, there’s no reason to hold the Doctor any longer.  He and Steven are free to go, more or less.

Dodo convinces Holiday to take her back to town as a matter of honor, especially since Holiday was always planning on returning as part of a plan he made with Wyatt Earp to take care of the Clantons anyway, so he really isn’t leaving another man to die in his stead.  That’s…good?

As Holiday had shot one of the Clantons’ hired guns, a new one comes in named Johnny Ringo, and he scares the crap out of people in the know, like Charlie who ends up getting killed anyway.

And then the Clantons visit the jail where Wyatt’s younger brother Warren is alone with a locked up Clanton, so they shoot the young Earp to get their guy back.

Methinks that will not sit well.  And I don’t need a song to tell me that.


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