Orphan Black “Newer Elements of Our Defence”

So, Felix is using an online dating app to set Cosima up on dates.

That’s all I want to say about that for this episode’s subplot.

It’s Orphan Black, so that means a bunch of loosely connected plots that may eventually meet up somewhere.  Let’s look at them in order of seriousness, silliest first.

And yes, that means first we look into Alison and Donnie’s illegal drug business.  It seems buying out Alison’s former dealer’s supply doesn’t mean much when the guy was working on consignment.  So, what does that mean?  It means the Hendrixes have to meet the boss.  That seems intimidating, but then we get some good news:  the boss is a high school boyfriend of Alison’s, and he seems friendly enough.

I’ve seen enough drug dealer melodramas to know he won’t stay friendly.

OK, so, what about Helena?  She’s still being held at the Castor Mystery Base.  And she’s figured out how to make keys from the bones of the meat she’s served.  She also knows how to slow down an anesthesia jammed into her arm by putting on a tourniquet.  Does that work?  I have no idea.  Probably not.  She does get doped up enough to slip away from the hospital after she fakes unconsciousness to find a Castor on the operating table, awake, and not happy.  As such, when she uses her bone key to slip out later, she finds the Castor…with the top of head missing from brain surgery that he was awake for the whole time.  He wants to die.  Dr. Coady wants Helena back in her cell, and Helena calls Dr. Coady the worst thing she can think of, a “bad mother” since that is what all the Castors call her.

Sounds about right.

As for Sarah, she manages to evade Bonnie and finds Mark, wounded but alive.  She sees more of Bonnie’s people show up with Gracie, sees a problem, and makes a run for it, even doing some crude first aid to dig the bullet our of Mark’s leg before he passes out.  She actually does find the mystery box and learns what happened to the original Castor DNA that Mark needs to find:  Henrik stole it and used it to make a son that died in infancy.  Find the corpse, and get the DNA.  Sure, Mark catches up, and so does Rudy, and that means Sarah will find Helena after all…because the brothers Castor will take her to the same base.

Why do these people keep making Helena mad?

Oh, Gracie miscarried, and despite the fact that she was carrying her father’s child, her mother blames Gracie for it as punishment from God.

Proletheans suck.

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