Doctor Who “Don’t Shoot The Pianist”

Huh.  I’m not sure what I find more annoying in this serial:  the constant singing that seems to drag the episode out, or the really, really weird accents the actors are using to try and sound American.

Probably the former.  There is a lot of singing.

For example, Steven is still singing from the last episode, and Dodo is still playing the piano.  It’s the same song that ended the last episode, but oddly enough it isn’t because there was little to no passage of time.  Quite the contrary.  Steven complains to the Clantons that he sang the same song four times in a row, but it’s amazing what someone putting a six-shooter in your face can make a person do.

But then the Doctor shows up, and the Clantons assume he’s Doc Holiday.  The Doctor is carrying the other man’s engraved guns, and let’s face it, the Doctor’s reason why does sound like a really lame excuse.  Heck, one of the Clantons ends up getting shot when he threatens the Doctor.  Did the Doctor shoot him?

No, the real Doc Holiday did from a stairwell where he’s taken Dodo hostage with his girlfriend Kate.  He plans to skip town.

But the thing that saves the Doctor is the sudden arrival of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone sheriff Bat Masterson.  And those two guys arrest the Doctor since he was the only one armed at the time, calling him Holiday.  These guys know the Doctor is, well, not Doc Holiday, but they also know that putting the Doctor in jail overnight will keep the old man alive.

Not knowing that is Steven, whom the Clantons convince to pass a gun to the Doctor through the cell’s window.  The Doctor being smarter than that turns it over to the sheriff.

Of course, that just means the Clantons will do something to Steven in the town’s square.

And it means Holiday will kill a member of the gang as he, Kate, and Dodo take a powder from Tombstone.

Look, this is Doctor Who.  Bad guys never know when to quit, so locking the Doctor up will only delay things but so much.


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