Castle Rock “Local Color”

So, there’s been this character that has appeared in every episode so far that I haven’t seen fit to mention, so here’s Molly Strand, local realtor.

Yeah, so, Henry has been blamed by the town for quite some time for the death of his adopted father Reverend Deaver.  The Reverend went looking for Henry when the boy disappeared in the middle of winter and appeared to catch a bad case of fatal frostbite.  Henry turned up after that, and people think he somehow did it on purpose.  Molly was a childhood friend of Henry’s, and she knows Henry didn’t kill the Reverend.

She knows because it turns out she did it.  She just snuck into his house and flipped the respirator off.

Oh, she also overheard what may be the last thing Reverend Deaver said to Henry:  “Do you hear it now?”

And she’s having nightmares of the Reverend running around her house.

What’s up with Molly?  Well, she, er, seems to have a shining going on.

Yeah, she reads thoughts, and that means she needs drugs to control it.  And that means she needs to find her dealer before she does a local TV interview.  Her dealer is…in some weird courtroom game of some kind where kids wear creepy masks, describe violent crimes, and then sentence Molly to the death house.

And then the cops show up just as she gets her drugs.  Fortunately, Henry bails her out, but unfortunately, she says stuff about the Kid on live TV, and that means Warden Porter has to acknowledge the Kid exists, and that means she offers a settlement that Henry, acting as the Kid’s lawyer, finds unacceptable.

But when Henry finally sits down to talk to the Kid, he speaks again for the first time in a while.  What does he say?

“Do you hear it now?”

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