Watson Reviews: Hotel Transylvania 3 (Spoiler Free)

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I was on an 11 hour flight and couldn’t sleep.  I was hoping this would help.  It didn’t…but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.


The same zany cast of monsters from the first two go on a cruise to get away from running their own hotel in Transylvania.  When the legendary Van Helsing family comes after them, the family must protect their hearts from stakes and from romance.

That line is the most sophisticated thing related to this film.

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  • It was better than the first two. The bar wasn’t high, but this one seemed a little more enjoyable.
  • I liked the Van Helsing additions. This was probably what made the film better.  The generational battle between the monsters, who are likable here, and the protectors of man, who go from protagonist to the villains.  It just worked to create a conflict that the first two films glossed over.
  • It was less Sandler and more ensemble. The full family and cast of characters seemed to get more screen time and so we don’t have to hear Sandler’s crazy voices and schtick the whole time.


  • There was still some Sandler. There is still plenty of schtick.
  • The characters of this franchise never connected with me. Most animated franchises at least create some since of endearment or nostalgia; like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, or Despicable Me. This one never did.  Other than Dracula, I couldn’t have named any of the other characters.
  • Mavis was written inconsistently. In fact, to write this blurb, I had to look up her name.  Once I did, I could tell you that she is a strong character, who wanted what was best for her dad, then inexplicably didn’t. I know romance of a widowed father is difficult on kids, but this seemed to make her look weak instead of conflicted.

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Well, I think I missed 15 minutes for a power nap, but I am sure it was great.

Overall, I give Hotel Transylvania 3 a score of 6.5 “Van Helsings” out of 10.

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